Miss Virginia Teen USA 2009

Maggie Lawson

Maggie Lawson will be a senior at King College in the fall of 2012. Maggie will soon be faced with a difficult choice between her two favorite subjects, Investigative Forensics and Marine Biology. In all likelihood no compromise will be reached, and she will graduate from King College with some element of both degrees under her belt.

Though relatively new to the pageant scene, Maggie made her mark by winning her first pageant, Miss Abingdon in the Spring of 2008 and then MISS VIRGINIA TEEN USA® 2009.

Since winning the state pageant on October 25, 2008, Maggie has been working hard to uphold the honor and prestige of her title, and in her view it is a full time job. Recently, in addition to participating in various photo shoots and holiday parades, Maggie worked with one of the pageant sponsors, A Bridal Path of Bristol, VA, to donate dozens of formal dresses to the local Girls Inc. This collaboration will benefit the girls by giving them a fantastic dress for their prom. With her continued endeavors, and utilization of MISS VIRGINIA TEEN USA® contacts, Maggie hopes to drive similar community aid to such organizations. To Maggie, being diligent with an ethical approach to community support and service will create great things in her community and across the state.

Along with her duties as MISS VIRGINIA TEEN USA® 2009, Maggie is committed to being the best student she can be and works to make a positive difference for people, and her actions speak louder than words. Before deciding to compete in pageants, Maggie purchased and began the training of a puppy to be taken around to local assisted living facilities and other places of need in an effort to raise morale and lift spirits. Prior to competing to become MISS VIRGINIA TEEN USA®, Maggie decided to turn this endeavor into a true non-profit organization. She began working on fundraising, website development, and the legal aspects of creating a non-profit organization, Special Pets for Special People.

The sky is the limit as to the avenues of life Maggie will pursue once her formal education is complete. As she prepares to represent Virginia at the 2009 MISS TEEN USA® Pageant, she reflects on the journey that has lead to her achievements and thanks those who have taught her good ethics and morals, and those who taught her how to be a strong young woman while caring for those around her in the greatest possible way.