Questions for Jacque

June 04, 2010

Subject: Many of you have asked ---What kind of diet is she on and what exercise plan???
Here's an average day for Jacqueline provided by her Mom....

I cook her 4 egg whites in the morning.....8 am normally

2 hours later....6 oz chicken breast..... 10 am normally

2 hours later....a salad with chicken.....12 — lunchtime!

2 hours later....either chicken or fish again.....mid afternoon snack

2 hours later....6 oz of chicken breast.....still afternoon snacking....

2 hours later....either grilled chicken or fish with vegetables ...dinner
if she gets hungry in between she is eating veggies or protien bars..
She is eating more now than she ever has but eating very healthy!

She is also exercising in the morning for about 2 hours
then another 2-3 hours again in the evening....

THAT'S AN AVERAGE DAY for Miss Virginia Teen USA 2010, Jacqueline Carroll