2014 Winners Named

November 18, 2013

2014 State Pageant winners named:
Miss Virginia USA 2014, Arielle Rosmarino
1st Runner Up: Maggie Lawson, 2nd Runner Up: Laura Puleo, 3rd Runner Up: Dominique Lee, 4th Runner Up: Kiara Williams

(left to right: 4th runner up, 2nd runner up, Miss Virginia USA 2014, 1st runner up, and 3rd runner up)

Miss Virginia Teen USA 2014, Olivia Fletcher
1st Runner Up: Cameron Smith, 2nd Runner Up: Davina Seoparson, 3rd Runner Up: Kinser Crutchfield, 4th Runner Up: Ashley Vollrath

(left to right: 3rd runner up, 1st runner up, Miss Virginia Teen USA 2014, 2nd runner up, and 4th runner up)

Congeniality Winners: Teen Division — Consuelo Franklin Miss Division — Shaun Barber

Photogenic Winners: Teen Division — Tess McNerlin Miss Division — Dominique Lee

People's Choice Winner: Consuelo Franklin