Social Media Positivity

October 13, 2017

Social Media Positivity
By: Ashley Vollrath

In a society monopolized by technology, and dominated by social media, it isn't
uncommon to find hate, jealousy and judgement publicized on a daily basis. While scrolling
through Twitter or Facebook, negative connotations are spewed about more frequently then
positive ones, and more often than not, non- constructive criticism turns into full blown
arguments. I personally have been disgusted by the negativity social media has brought to my
life, and those of others close to me, and on more than one occasion have deleted the social
media demons for a short time to get a reprieve. So, the question is WHY is it so easy to hate and
why do we subject ourselves to the daily negativity by continuing our addiction to social media?

It goes without saying, we are all entitled to our own opinion regardless if others agree
and social media is often used to express those opinions. It wasn't until recently that I realized,
however, that social media was often responsible for turning a really good day, bad. I'm not
referring to being personally victimized by social media banter, but I would find myself letting
the negative comments in reference to other people, things and organizations slow my emotional
high down significantly. Out of habit, I would scroll social media at bedtime only to find my
mind wondering for hours after because of a meaningless argument, or comment, that I just
wasted 5 minutes of my life reading. It was recently that I decided that I am responsible for my
own feelings and, although it would be impossible to delete all negativity I read on social media,
I needed to do my part in making social media positive, on a daily basis, every single time I get

So it began, I started using social media to post only positive posts. Post that made me
feel good, posts that I could be proud of or posts that might encourage my audience in any way
possible. I started to positively comment every time I got online in an attempt to make someone
else's day. For my friend, family member or acquaintance that was having a really bad day, I
hoped to make that bad day better. I found myself "liking" every Instagram post I come across
because, why wouldn't I? Honestly... why wouldn't I? I am far from perfect and in the past
would find myself hesitating on liking a picture because of something trivial, but in the end the
negativity you are feeling only affects you... And ultimately, the reason behind it was probably
juvenile anyway. I decided I was in control of my feelings and being kind to others was more
emotionally positive then thinking twice about NOT liking something.
Understandably human nature lends us ugly traits like jealousy and hate, but we have the
power to change ourselves for the better, I have learned that first hand. I'm certainly not a
psychiatrist or a sociologist, so I can't explain why society seeks out negativity. I understand it
may not come naturally for EVERYONE to encourage others, but I am in control of myself and
personally want to encourage any and every one to better themselves in a way that will benefit
others. It may seem like this small step won't make much of a difference in this marathon we call
life, but it has changed mine. I promise, in the end, not only will you be making someone else's
day, you will ultimately start making your own day.