Emory & Henry College, a nationally-renown liberal arts college in Southwest Virginia, is proud to be an annual scholarship sponsor of Miss Virginia USA and Miss Virginia TeenUSA. After all, our two organizations have in common the same core values of healthy self-actualization, respect for the essential role of higher education and the importance of giving back to our communities. We applaud each and every contestant and wish them all the best as they pursue their dreams, both in the pageant and beyond.

Jake B. Schrum, President
Emory& Henry College

I often think of writing to you to thank you for the wonderful year Susie had as Miss Virginia Teen USA 2011. Tom and I did prepare to some degree for our children's college in that we have Virginia 529. We were thrilled to learn that Susie would have her tuition covered at Lindenwood University. Because of this, we have been able to convert her 529 and use that money to pay for any expenses not covered under the scholarship. The school is a perfect fit for Susie. She is so happy there. She has met so many international students from all over the world, and I feel she is learning so much more at Lindenwood than she would at a typical state school due to the number of international students. Susie is very open minded and loves new experiences and I think that is why this is such a good fit for her. If you are someone looking for a multicultural experience with encouragement and opportunity, Lindenwood is the University for you. The scholarship offered by winning Miss Virginia Teen USA made it possible!

Kind Regards,
Jean Evans (mother of Susie Evans, Miss Virginia Teen USA 2011 & Miss Virginia USA 2019 Contestant)

Thank you for an amazing weekend! Caitlyn had a wonderful time. The girls were so great! Caitlyn also gained a wealth of knowledge.

Cheryl Harman (mother of former contestant)

In 1995, I became part of the sisterhood that will forever be a part of me. I carry the MISS VIRGINIA USA and MISS VIRGINIA TEEN USA system and all the people I have met, competed with, and worked with, deep in my heart. It's because of these relationships and the respect and admiration I have for Kim Nicewonder that I am now a part of the pageant staff. Kim strives to bring out the best in everyone and encourages every young lady to be the best person she can be.

Kristel Jenkins Wittensoldner, Miss Virginia USA 2001 & Miss Virginia Teen USA 1995